Please Help Or Pages Closing people Hurt

Angel Takes Flight

Well looks like Satan wants to make this a VERY HIGH standing public war. I had not wanted to get this far which is why I had been trying to keep my poems and writings subtle yet very open in detail I am caught in amongst a VERY HUGE spiritual warfare going on around me and as I mentioned before I am a shut in within the very walls of my own environment and can not drive because of it and due to seizures since I was in preschool. Well I am writing this today not to tell you my sobbing life story but sadly say that unless another miracle comes my way by way of a safe living home or help towards that immediately by February 10th then there will nolonger be writings from any of my children. Those authorities who believe they have better standing thought options then…

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Happy Birthday Babygirl

Asking many blessings upon my life journey,faith journey and family walk as I sit and think and ponder of my own childhood and my children pondering over that ten years ago today my middle daughter was given life into this world and I am always blessed to have her. I only pray we walk into a better tomorrow future for this new year ahead and may it be better of any blessing than before. Our past years have been roughy tough beating us up and I’m hopeful that we’re finally kicking Satan back out and this year will be so much better. Either way Sarah your special day is just as important as any other holiday even more important in every way because you’re my child each and everyday of the year so tonight I’m wishing you all prosperity’s and blessings for your special birthday and everyday in the year. Happy 10th birthday baby girl!! I love you!! 

Love Mom!