Being Yourself

You do not have to be beautiful

You do not have to be intelligent

You only have to let the real you show

And let your inner dreams love what it loves

You don’t have to show off at a party to be cool

Think of it like a puzzle

Some people fit in easily

And others force themselves to fit in

But why try to fit in when you can be you

Your own type of beautiful

Everyone is their own type of beautiful

No matter how weird or nerdy

Just be yourself

Why try to be someone you’re not

When you can be your best you


I’m back! 🥳

Hey guys! How has everybody been? I know it’s been a while since I’ve wrote anything. I’ve been busy and my dog Bear just got put down because of cancer 2 months ago and ever since then I have been heartbroken. I’m going to try to be more active with my writing. I’m 13 now and I’m In 8th grade. Look at me and Jaimie, lol. She got big fast she’s in 6th grade! 😱 Let me know what you want me to post more of on here because I need to write more for you guys. I’m going to try to at least lol. It’s late I’m about to go to sleep because I’m tired I had school today. But on Tuesday we have early dismissal and it’s a fun day and we’re watching movies and being on our phones and that’s it lol. Then Wednesday there is no school because I think it’s a holiday but I’m not sure. But Gn guys. I love you all! Keep up with the good work and no matter what don’t give up! And keep up with the positive thoughts. Don’t let nobody let you down. Stay yourself and be the beautiful person you are 🥰

Age: 13

Date: 10/6/19

The Christmas poem

I see the kids face glow up on Christmas Day.

I smell fresh cookies on Christmas Eve.

I here the angels up above.

Every one heart filled with love and joy on Christmas Day.

I see the snow fall slowly on Christmas Eve.

I hear people singing Christmas carols at people’s door.

I see my family all happy and Exited.

I see the Christmas lights Twinkle and glow.

I see people/kids having snow ball fights.

I hear Christmas music and jingle bells

sounding in the snow ❄️



Coming Of 2018

IMG_0848Can you believe it is already Christmas Eve? I know I can’t, I’m getting big so fast and in January I’m turning 12. I can’t wait. I know there will be a lot of presents under the tree. My favorite part about Christmas is the presents,decorations,joy,Christmas tree, and the snow o and one last thing the smell of fresh homemade cookies.Who loves snow? I do yea it’s cold but it’s fun to play in. I’m sorry I have not been writing poems or writing period I’ve been busy and stuff but I still do write once in a while but I wish you all a Merry and Bright Christmas and happy Holidays love you all and keep up with the good work. Also there might be one small problem. Christmas won’t be the same. We used to celebrate christmas at my mom-mom’s but she passed not too long ago but hopefuly you all have an amazing holiday😘😘🎄 life won’t be the same with out her love you guys and mom-mom. Bye guys keep writing and follow your dreams.