Good morning peep. I am walking  to school with my friends. It is a 30 min walk. I hate it lol. So yeah I am bored and all. My friends said hi to everyone and have a good day. Bye. 


I am really bored but happy because I am with my cousin. I love her so much. I am writing in my diary and my cuzz is drawing. We’re also playing with play-doh. Also making music.ly hahah. Gtg bye.(Age 11)

I am at a meeting 

Hi people I am really bored. I just cracked my phone more. But whatever. I am really bored. I hate my phone anyway.  I am having fun because I am writing on my blog and all but still. Any way yeah that’s it I guess. 

2 hour delay today 

I have a two hour delay today😔. I hate school. Why do I have to be the one to go to school today. But really today. Common I wish we had off. That will be so fun we could of had a snow ❄️ ball fight . Kids are torchering in school no one likes school. We like playing and staying at home with my family. So yeah I guess you won’t hear from me a lot because I will be in stupid boring school and trust me I have many more words to call that school but don’t worry there not bad words. 

Back Today lol

I am out of school early because I am on my way to the dentist. Also my sisters are still in school. I will tell you how it goes. I am about to make musiclys. I have lots of homework. Also I might have  no school tomorrow because of the snow coming and then wensday we might not have school because of the snow and then Thursday and Friday we have half day. So yeah I hope there is no school I hate school lol. So yup I figured I would check in with you guys. Bye talk to you guys later.  (Age 11)

summer poem

feeling the summer breeze It is so refreshing and drinking lemonade. 

eating watermelon by the pool and drinking Kool-Aid. 

swimming in the pool and hanging with my cousins and best friends. 

I hear kids playing with laughter and joy. 

I see the waves going up and down at the beach. 

I see kids playing in the soft and hot sand and playing volley ball. 

Also I see kids doing gymnastics and playing in the water.  

Sincerely Sarah (age 11)

the love of spring poem ♥️

I miss the love of spring and the chirping of the birds singing their songs to wake me up In the morning. 

The budding of the bloom of the flowers in the chill of the breeze. 

I smell the good and fresh worm cookies baking in the air.

I hear kids laughing and having fun in the cool sun. 

also what makes it the best is playing with family and pets. 

sincerely Sarah and mom 

(age 11)

I am back❤️😉😀😍😂👍

sorry I haven’t talk to you guys in a long time and I mean a long time and I mean long time. Anyway I am doing great. I am in 5th grade now I can’t believe I am that big already I am getting so big so fast. I kept asking my mom if I can right on my blog but I am always busy and so is she. I am going to the dentist tomorrow and I will tell you how it goes. My last surgery was good. I watch over my little baby sister. It is a lot of work. I am going to school at Eisenhowerd Elementary it is really boring and I would rather be at my old school. Any way I am on my way to the hair cutery. so yeah I will post more often if I am not busy. so yeah that is it I guess. (age 11)

Please Help Or Pages Closing people Hurt

Angel Takes Flight

Well looks like Satan wants to make this a VERY HIGH standing public war. I had not wanted to get this far which is why I had been trying to keep my poems and writings subtle yet very open in detail I am caught in amongst a VERY HUGE spiritual warfare going on around me and as I mentioned before I am a shut in within the very walls of my own environment and can not drive because of it and due to seizures since I was in preschool. Well I am writing this today not to tell you my sobbing life story but sadly say that unless another miracle comes my way by way of a safe living home or help towards that immediately by February 10th then there will nolonger be writings from any of my children. Those authorities who believe they have better standing thought options then…

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