Sarah’s Summer Vacation Fun 2015


Sarah at a movie theater in Florida. 2015 age 9

As I promised I would talk about my vacation. I am sorry I have taken so long at catching everyone up. I went to Florida. When I was there I went to Disney a well as I also explored at Discovery Cove where I got to swim with Jenny the dolphin.  Jenny is 41 years old, she was one of the first original dolphins at the cove. I also had dinner with the Disney characters I got to see my favorite character, Goofy.  I also got to eat dinner with the Disney princesses. When Brie got  up to go to the  bath room Goofy sat in her seat when she was coming back she sat on Goofy and he leaned on me and  I leaned on him.  I also went to Sea World.  They were cute dolphins.  I had a lot of fun. By Sarah Age  9


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