I love you so much ❤️ 

Thanks mommy for being there for me and for every thing you have done your the best mom I ever had and the only mom I will have.❤❤❤❤😂💯💯✌🏻📱🌎😍🌺😊

Car incident 🚘🚑🚔

Today a 8th grader got hit by a car walking home from school. My Grandmom picked me up and there was a ambulance and cops every where. The person who hit it was closed to the edge. The boy that got hit is in the hospital I hope he is ok. I am scared. Please keep him in your prayers and wish home good luck. My bff is the one who called the cops she did a good thing. So keep him in your prayers I don’t know who he was but yeah. God bless him. He is probably in bad condition. Who knows. It will probably be on the news tomorrow i don’t know. So make sure you be careful if you drive. Because kids get hit a lot. Please keep him in your prayers I love all of you. God bless every one.❤❤😓😓😢😭✌🏻💯