Well today Sarah’s temperature was normal again. They had a field trip to go see their high school buddies today and learn how to do certain types of measurements. Sarah is still at school currently but I am sure that we will hear all about it when she finally gets home. She is still acting a bit edgy but was so excited to go to the high school.

Field Trip Day


Sarah’s Long Day Today

Sarah has had a long day today. She is currently feeling much stress as she fights infections, and fevers tonight. She is currently sleeping and is sick. We are hoping for the best with things. She is happy that surgery was not today as she was not feeling good. She was also happy to be able to have her very own blog to talk to everyone and let everyone know how she is doing. We are hoping that everyone who has been following on Facebook the past 3 weeks continues to follow here and that people are just as willing to help Sarah out with some donations so that we as a family can help fund for any medical expenses and also buy Sarah some learning stuff to teach her about safety and protection and special care of her two serious medical differences. She was really happy to share her first journal with you tonight. Thank you.


I’m Sad

Sarah at age 7

Sarah at age 7

Hi it’s Sarah.

I am feeling sad and I am  mad.

I am hoping  that someone will give me some money.

I need help please give some money.

I am sad I could cry about  me getting surgery .

Well goodnight until tomorrow.

Thank you for the prayers. ❤

PS… I am happy it’s not today.