My Heart(The Song)

O my heart My heart, my heart My heart…..

My heart is changing My heart is changing

O my heart My heart,my heart My heart is beating

My heart is beating My heart is changing For you

My heart is changing for you For me

My heart is changing everyday for you Each day it changes in a different way Changing for you and for me

Written By My Daughter Sarah Age 6


Bingo Night

Hi it’s me Sarah.  I went to doctor’s much of the day today and then I read the numbers at bingo. I had pizza and got gummy worms and soda. I also ate cookies and water.  I got to play with my sister’s also. I love my entire family and especially my mom and sister’s. I love my dog Ginger but she died, also I love all my pets. I have a turtle. I always care for my family and all my pets. I enjoy my time with them. Well I am tired and need to go to bed now. So goodnight.