As The Procedure Approaches

Well after a 6 month ordeal of trying to get an appointment to have this broken tooth dealt with I finally was able to get a doctor who saw enough concern and cared enough to be sensitive to this now emergency oral issue. So Sarah will be having her procedure now done on Monday the 29, 2013 at 8am.

Sarah and Mom will have to wake on Monday morning at 5:45 am to begin to do the surgery medications for preparations to protect her from her VWBD(Von Willie Brands Disease), The night before surgery Sarah will have to take a drug called Amicar to prepare which she then will continue for five days after the procedure, then 90 minutes before the actual procedure she will have to take another drug called Sty-mate these drugs will help to keep Sarah from bleeding once the procedure has happened. Sarah and mommy are both a quite bit nervous, however we are happy that this will all soon be over and that we seem to have a good doctor to deal with it and seems to know what he practices. Sarah will continue to update everyone as the procedures approach. and will continue to update with everyone after. She wants to say thank you for all the prayers and concerns over her life and wants to ask for you to continue your thoughts and prayers for her and over her life. As this is journey she will battle throughout her childhood life and on thru adulthood. Her being a girl will be dangerous as she begins to age for when she begins to mature and start her time of the month. Even that will not be safe for Sarah. She has a rough toad and journey ahead and would like to ask for all the growth and support to help her through.
She again says Thank you and God bless.


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