Ten Hours To Procedure

Well in Ten hours left till procedure time Sarah and Brie are both sleeping. Jaimie is still fighting her sleep trying to stay up. I asked sarah if she was alright she replyed yes mom and continued with it’s Finally! happenening, today and I am happy! I asked are you scared she said yes but I am happy it’ll finally be gone and dealt with and it will be over. With a big hug I gave her a kiss and with tears begining to fill in my eyes that she could not see I said awwww honey. Yes you are right. We’ll be alright.  Everything will be gone and we’ll pull thru in the end. We will manage through this you are right. Together embraced we held each other and fell asleep. We will be getting up early tomorrow to begin preparation for the procedure as we have more medicines to give before she undergoes treatment and the procedure. Sarah is resting but is happy and calm and happy this whole ordeal will soon be gone.


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